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Friday, October 06, 2006

I never knew they did them in tins!

Jen-yoo-wine purchase from my friendly neighbourhood Iranian food store.

(fnarr, fnarr)


Polonius said...

I give in. I've tried googling, but all I can find is a similar photo on Flickr. What the Hell is ash-shole-ghalamkar?

psychocandy said...

I don't know what it is, either, but it's funny as hell. K and I are both cracking up.

Edward said...

It seems to be some kind of dhal. One ingredient is "chickling veitches". I assume these are chickpeas.

I wonder...are chickpeas actually veitches? There are three classes of legumes: peas, beans and veitches, dontchaknow)

Oh...and then there's Champion Doug Veitch who was The Bhundu Boys' manager,

psychocandy said...

Found a recipe here:

Sounds good, except I'd obviously omit the lamb/beef.