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Monday, March 05, 2007

Those green ideas are a nightmare!

I have a private game called 'Chomskyan Bingo'. Noam Chomsky put forward the idea that language works as a generative grammar. A relatively small set of rules can be applied to a vocabulary to generate a vast array of possible sentences - some of which are very unlikely indeed, but are nevertheless recognisable as 'valid' sentences.

Anyway, I collect the unlikely ones - those sentences that you can be fairly sure have never before been uttered since the dawn of creation. From a recent discussion elsewhere:

"Put it on top of the fridge until it becomes suitably pudendal."
"...the ammoniac tang of woman parts."
Another one I like is:

"Somehow the chapatti had become lodged behind the skirting

I've even been known to do them in German:

"Ich bin nicht Mitglied dieser Konferenz, doch ich möchte ein
Pinguin" (I am not a conference delegate, nevertheless I'd like a

"Gibt es Damenbinden für einer Frau mit viel Blut?" (Do you have sanitary towels for a woman with a heavy period?*)
Got any more?

btw - this is another in my "Guess the relevace of the accompanying picture" series.

Giving 'Poddage to:

Patrick Wolf - The Magic Position. (A most joyful noise!)

Bryan Ferry - Dylanesque (Certainly shows he wrote some excellent songs. But let's face it - nobody can do them quite as well as Bob**)

Big Star - Sister Lovers

Yoko Ono - Yes, I'm A Witch***

Dylan - Desire

*Literally '...a woman with a lot of blood' - It was my spur-of-the-moment translation that makes it collectable.

** Then there's Van Morrison's comment on The Waterboys' cover of 'Sweet Thing': "It wasn't a patch on the original, was it?"

*** Q: What is yellow and wrinkly and lives off a corpse?...


truce said...

I'd like to propose the addition of the following, from an email received yesterday:

"They are clients from hell, or at least, they've been following Dante round his ring for a while."

azahar said...

Well dern - Flaming Pie still insists only blogger account holders can leave comments ... fair enough. It wasn't any big deal. Just something I'd remembered about asking for something in Spanish that sounded very similar to something else in Spanish. Hey ho.