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Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Margaret On The Guillotine*

This being the 25th anniversary of 'The Falklands Conflict' (never officially a war, you'll note), the mind turns to The Beast of Grantham.

What with her getting on in years and being in ill health, I've wondered more than once what will be the reaction when she dies. One isn't meant to speak ill of the dead (especially while they're still alive)...and maybe I should be slightly ashamed to admit this...but won't it be fucking great? I have visions of a solemn radio announcement followed by a collective "Whoop!". Air punched. Car horns sounded. Spontaneous outbreaks of smiling and friendliness. "Maggiemaggiemagie! Dead! Dead! Dead!" Then later in the week the inevitable, now mandatory, minute's silence accompanied by the banging of dustbin lids, pots and pans**. (Shall we make a solemn pact right now to do this?)

Granted, all this will be to the disgust of a significant part of the population. But we won't be able to contain ouselves, will we?

Or is it just me? Am I 'A Bad Person'?

* 'Tramp The Dirt Down' would have been just too obious.

** aka 'The Divis Orchestra'.

Another Falklands Flashback is Defence Secretary John Nott. When the AIDS epidemic hit, the government convened an emergency cabinet session to discuss What Is To Be Done. They agreed on the famous ad campaign (crashing icebergs) and a leaflet to be sent to anyone not called Doris or Albert.*** They were discussing whether contents should include explicit advice on oral sex. It was said (I think by Alan Clark - but I'm not sure) that one minister had to have the concept carefully explained to him and couldn't believe it is a mainstream practice. Said minister is rumoured to have been John Nott.

*** One suggestion, so as to spare the blushes of the elderly.

Giving 'Poddage to:

The new Kings of Leon

Neil Young - Live at Massey Hall

And still smitten with Regina, of course.


Dan said...

I went to an "anarchist bookfair" a while back, a sort of anarchist conference. One of the sessions was for organising the massive street party that is planned for the day she dies.

I have mixed feelings about it myself.

truce said...

Celebrate the demise of the helmet-head bouffant 'do', if nothing else.

Big Bad Johnny P said...

I wouldn't want to get into a debate (why am I posting this then, you may well ask - I am asking myself the same question).

But - disgusted by your ideas, no - but then i don't really go in for the whole minutes silence thing - except on the 11th of November.

I do however think that lots of statements get made about Margaret Thatcher, and the so called general feelings about her, and her time as PM that aren't shared by many, if any of the people I know, or whose opinions I respect.