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Monday, November 26, 2007

Wee Devil

This weekend was Glasgow's biennial Radiance Festival of light art. As part of this, Adam and Sophie took part in the production, 'Wee Devil' by an arts group, Giant Productions. They put in a lot of work, making shadow puppets, rehearsing and appearing on three succesive nights.

It was a multimedia production, with live actors and narration and a film projected against the mediaeval Provand's Lordship, Glasgow's oldest house.

Here's the performance.

And here's a cast photo. (Adam on left, Sophie on right, holding demon mask)

Afterwards, we had a spooky walk in the Necropolis.


azahar said...

That was wonderful!

Love the accent too - "it's awl in yer heed". :)

Edward the Bonobo said...

That would be 'heid'. As in 'ba' heid'.