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Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Eight random things about me.

It seems that verious cyberpals are listing eight random things about themselves. See here and here and here. Sooo...

  1. I can make origami frogs.
  2. My little toes on both feet are rotated 90 degrees outwards.
  3. Quite often I don't wear underwear.
  4. I have translated the lyrics of Pink Floyd's 'We Don't Need No Education' into Esperanto.
  5. I once wore a borrowed kilt to a wedding.
  6. My operating system at home is Ubuntu Linux.
  7. I'm afraid of snakes.
  8. My favourite beer is Budvar.

And since we're being random, here's a gratuitous picture of a cassowary.


azahar said...

Well done, Eddie! But you're also supposed to tag someone else and annoy them too. ;)

Edward the Bonobo said...

Hmm. I'm not a blogosphere kinda guy. You've already tagged everyone!

azahar said...

hmm, keep posting stuff here but it never shows up . . .


echomikeromeo said...

The song is actually called 'Another Brick in the Wall - Part 2', Edward. Just to be a Pink Floyd pedant. ;-)

Anonymous said...

Whoo, Edward. Nice cassowary!

Darned if I can remember my password (it was on the old computer), so I've had to post anonymously.

Where is Budvar bottled, and what sort of beer is it (lager, ale, etc)? I've never heard of it.

Edward the Bonobo said...

Who's anonymous?

Surely every serious beer drinker knows that Budvar is the original Budweiser? It's brewed in České Budějovice, Czech Republic.

During the Dash For Cash which followed the collapse of the Soviet empire, Anheuser-Busch made bids for the company. Their intention ws to close it down, giving them sole world rights for the Budweiser brand which they've attached to their unspeakable concoction. Famous beer drinker, President Vaclav Havel stepped in and declared that this would be 'A crime against world culture.'