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Friday, August 04, 2006

What we did on our Holidays: Part 1

We went to The Glasgow Show. This takes place yearly on Glasgow Green - a green space traditionally used for drying washing and public executions. Now it's regarded as belonging to 'the people'. In true East German fasion, we even have a People's Palace Museum where (amongst other things) you can view Billy Connolly's gold wellies. I was rather disappointed that this year they didn't have a vegetable competition. I love surreal displays of neatly turned-out onions. After that we went to a new German brewery.

Here's a crazy frenchman wobbling atop a sixty meter pole:

Here's an Italian chick doing death-defying horsey things to a heavy metal soundtrack:

Here's Dundee's finest singer/songwriter, Rab Noakes:

Here's Poop with a huge lolly:

This is eventually going to be Gimped (Linux for "Photoshopped") into B&W and posted on my Flickr site:

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