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Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Curly Locks

Excuse this diversion. In general, I'm intending to keep this blog a celeb-free zone. In fact, I only have a vaque idea who this Gail Porter woman is, although I understand she has alopecia.

I came across this quote in The Grauniad:

...a taxi driver will say, "Oh, you used to be so pretty."

I mean...FUUUUCK! Gorgeous or what?

(This image comes from You probably don't want to go there)


psychocandy said...

I never would have guessed she'd been anorexic. She looks quite overweight in the photo. Maybe she just has a chubby face... it's still quite a pretty face.

echomikeromeo said...

... and of course, I went there. It was startling to actually see the word "truthiness" used. I'd heard it was popular, but I didn't know people actually used it.