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Wednesday, December 13, 2006


Brighten up your home this festive season with these


azahar said...

I couldn't remember how to make snowflakes but then figured it out from the 'instructions' given on that 'make-a-flake' site I linked to over on my blog.

Since then we've been snowflake making fools over here ... even have our students making them. And they look fab up on our balcony windows - we have those many-paned doors and the snowflakes fit perfectly inside the window panes.

Fun, eh?

Edward said...

Watch this blog for pictures of my windows. And tree. But we have to tidy first. Again!

Phred Firecloud said...

Sufjan Stevens...Santa Claus is coming to town...he knows who has been naughty and nice.

Laverne said...

Love the snowflakes! I should be working right now ... but it's close to Christmas and no one is here, so I think I'll make a snowflake or two.


Edward said...

I really must get around to posting a photo of our snowflake-covered window and tree. (Which means I'll have to take one first)

Sufjan Stevens - I've not been entirely convinced by him so far. Mind you - I didn't like Devendra Banhart at first and he;s grown on me. Maybe I'll try stealing Sufjan's multi-disk Christmas thing

btw - I can also make an origami frog...