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Monday, August 07, 2006

It's such a strain having to think up 'witty' titles all the time.

It was a double celebration at the weekend. Cath and I got married on her dad's birthday, mumblemumble years ago. On Saturday evening, I made a special meal - as detailed on Flaming Pie. which we had with a bottle of champagne. I don't normally swoon over champagne myself, but this was a nice, yeasty bottle of Tatinger.

Yesterday was also, sadly, the first anniversary of Cath's mother's death. We had her dad over and made a fuss of him. He's just discovered that they've been serving him powdered mashed potato, so he requested something with proper mash - hence my other Flaming Pie recipe. Honestly...I don't understand powdered mash. You can even get frozen mash! How difficult is it to boil and mash a few potatoes? He unexpectedly gave Cath some money, which was very generous of him. It means we can buy another 'proper' car sooner than expected. I was planning on buying something basic to tide me over.

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A podcast of Christopher Hitchens and Stephen Fry discussing religion.

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A Folding Star by Alan Hollingshurst

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  • The Breeders.
  • A Hendrix blues album. I like Hendrix best when he's holding it in a little. This album is slightly marred at one point by a drum solo. No. NO. There shouldn't be drum solos. Ever.
  • Bjork - mainly 'Medulla' .
  • The latest/last Johnny Cash. the can do the blog subscribing thing by using an Atom feed ( or RSS ( Don't ask me how it works, though.


Anonymous said...

Happy wedding anniverary. That was really nice of Cath's dad to give you guys the money you need to get the new car.

I absoluely despise powdered mashed potatoes. My mother used to serve us those, because she was too damn lazy to cook properly for us. The frozen ones aren't bad, though two out of the three times I've bought them, they've been REALLY salty.

Will check out those recipes after work...


azahar said...

Here is some info about RSS feeds and feedreaders. Most people seem to be using Bloglines.