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Friday, August 04, 2006

What We Did On Our Holidays: Part 2

We went to The Trossachs (hills about an hour from home. There's a nice walk with musical objêts d’art dotted along it. Here's the family getting campanological:

We went to Glencoe. It wasn't the best of weather, but the clouds made the mountains suitably moody. Adam and Emils and I went up a ski lift (Sophie didn't want to). It was cold.

These are 'The Paps of Glencoe'. In days of yore, folk must have gazed upon the mountains and said 'Phwoarr! Look at the rack on that!'

This is Rannoch Moor - a bleak place but atmospherically beautiful. In the early evening we went for a walk on a hill overlooking it - but I forgot to take the camera out of the car. Poop walked up the hill like a champion.

On the way home we found a great café for dinner. They do vegetable tempura and chips, and a nice bottled beer. They have lots of bird feeders right outside the window, and a bird identification chart. I think we saw siskins

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woodpigeon said...

Nice photos! It reminds me of a trip to the Cairngorms with my dad many years ago.

Siskins are little yellow, black and white birds - the male has a noticable black cap. They are common in our garden during the winter but they fly off north during the summer.