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Monday, August 28, 2006

The Pope vs Darwin

Pope Ratzo is to reevaluate the Catholic church's position on Intelligent Design. (see here). The Polish guy said that evolution is 'more than hypothesis', and I understand that the official position is (something like) 'God created evolution.' But this sows more doubts than it assuages.

Now Ratzo is moving towards (so-called) Intelligent Design - the theory that God has a hand in every single fruit fly mutation. I can see why he'd want to lean that way: If we can explain The Origin Of Species without recourse to a supernatural entity, the whole edifice comes tumbling down.

Isn't this one of those examples of casuistry - the Jesuitical art of arguing that black is white? If it's not true, then all of Catholic doctrine is untrue, therefore it must be true because everyone has to go on believing.


azahar said...

just a test post, Edward, to see if I can post here ... for some reason I am suddenly unable to post on wordpress.

Reed said...

What I said on az's blog ; ) (ie sweary muttering about morons. Oh, and intellectual dishonesty).

alji said...

Anyone who believes in inteligent design hasn't looked in a mirror!

Edward the Bonobo said...

That's very true, Alji. Especially if they're a man and have looked in the mirror while nude!

David McLaughlin said...

Coming a bit late to this discussion, but I've just noticed it. I take it you are aware of the Flying Spaghetti Monster school of intelligent design?

Edward the Bonobo said...

Cheese be upon ye, me hearty! Rrrrr! See ye at the beer volcano!

Yes, I've even been considering sending off for an FSM iPod case. The only thing stopping me is my rather cool, home-made duct tape one.

Plus...I even have a photo published on the church's site.

And here's an ergonomic keyboard, especially desiged for typing in the Pastafarian liturgical language.