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Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Stuff an' ting

As you can see, I'm still having title trouble. Thing is, this is a portmanteau post.

My Morning Routine

Get up. Run bath. Stumble around without lenses in, trying to find clothes. Take bath. Fry. Put clothes on (with the exception of socks, which are usually missing). Shout for Sophie and Adam. Open Emil's door. Ignore him shouting thet he's tired, lift him up, if damp undress him and drop him in the bath. Ask him to walk downstairs. Carry him down. Fight him into his clothes. Put kettle and radio on. Put kids' dishes, cereal, spoons, milk on table. Join Cath in shouting for Sophie and Adam again. Try and persuade a still angry Emil to have breakfast. Carry him into dining room, sit him on chair and put cereal in front of him. Shout for Adam and Sophie again. Make sandwiches for Adam and Sophie. Make coffee. Put lenses in. Go upstairs to look for socks, Shouting to Sophie and Adam again. Help one or both of them to find the clothes which Cath has already placed in front of them. Go downstairs. Dodge Cath who insists on doing her hair in the hall. Put socks on. Shout Adam and Sophie again. Try and persuade them to put down whatever they're playing with and get breakfast. Put their sandwiches in a bag along with juice and place in hall. Help one or both of them to find shoes. Shout at them to get shoes on. Sit down, and have two sips of coffee. Dodge Cath as I go into kitchen to look for my work ID. Aim for the door (dodging again). Get called back by Emil for a kiss and a cuddle. Open door. Run for train.

The Lebanon

The sending of an Arab League delegate to the UN sounds highly significant to me. From the Lebabese point of view, they can see a cease fire agreement being negotiated amongst the Security Council. Two of the Council's members have been publically against an immediate cessation, which they translate (quite correctly) as 'Give Israel enough time to finish the job we've given them first.' Plus, the presence of the UN has so far signally failed to help them in any way.

The Writing's On The Wall

I've been looking at stuff by Banksy recently (graffiti artist and urban situationist). Here's some bits I like:

Unfortunately I can't find pictures of his more situationist climbing into the penguin enclosure at London Zoo and writing 'We're bored with fish.'


Anonymous said...

Have you seen the Banksy monograph, Wall and Piece or the other book of his work (I asume there is overlap in the pictures) Existensilism. It is good stuff.


Edward the Bonobo said...

Indeed! That's where I've been looking. Great stuff! I love the picture of the baboon in a zoo holding his 'They won't let us go home' placard, and the long trail of paint that ends with a policeman snorting it.

Anonymous said...

I like Banksy's last piece -
It all makes for a much more interesting urban environment.
Just after George Best died at various points around the city here stencils went up -


Woodpigeon said...

I had the Banksy picture some time ago showing an old style Carpenter rural scene with CCTV cameras everywhere. Bloody brilliant. His ancient shopping trolley piece in the museum was a work of genius.

Edward the Bonobo said...

Did you also see his stuffed rat in the Natural History Museum? It was in a wee case, dressed in bling and a hoodie with "Our time will come" sprayed behind it. When they took it dow he replaced it...and they've kept the replacement on personal display.

This :
piece of iconic glasgow folk art
. isn't by Banksy, but it's in a similar vein. (Plus, he nicked it for his book).

Agnieszka said...

Hello,I recently discovered a work by Banksy.Not sure what to do with it.