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Friday, August 04, 2006

OK, you win.

It seems that blogs are now the prefered mode of communication for those who have been driven out of hootoo. I'll still visit to discuss esoteric matters, but I guess it's time I cranked up this thang as my social space. you'll see, I've finally published some photos. My holiday tales are divided up into bite-sized chunks for easy mastication. I'm also going to post a few recent flower photos on my flickr site - in fact, I might have posted them already by the time you read this.

What else, what else...

This is our friend Sara on the day we said goodbye to her as she moved to Regensburg:

Then a couple of weeks later we got a call saying she was back because her flat sale had fallen through. She finally leaves today, and went out for dinner with Cath and another friend. Gunnar, who was back over to help, was at a loose end, so he came over and we drank wine and shot the shit ('Wir haben das scheise geschossen'?), mainly about Hizbollah. Some significican t points:

  • Israel are in real trouble if even reasonable people like us are coming down in favour of Hizbollah.
  • On the other hand...the Israelis have managed to do something that noone's managed in the last 40-odd years: to unite all the Lebanese factions.
  • Why did Israel start the Gaza blockade? Sure, they'd had a soldier kidnapped, but Palestinians are getting captured (and rourinely shelled) every other day. Is it possibly coincidential that on the day of the invasion, Hamas had just signed an accord with the PLO that even the militant PLO factions wouldn't agree to?
  • The report into the Hariri asaination seems to have disappeared. But then evidence had been uncovered of BND (German intelligence) involvement in Lebanon...and the explosive used was the same type that Mosad used.
  • Hezbollah isn't actually a proscribed organisation in the UK. It's External Operations wing is - and that's the part financed/operated by Iran. This grew out of an Iraqi shiite organisation called Dawa and was responsible for the suicide bombing of the US embassy. The leader of Dawa was one Nuri al-Maliki

Anyway...that was the shit shot.


Anonymous said...

Well, look who's back!

I love all of the photos. It looks like you all had a wonderful time. And I can't tell you often enough how absolutely gorgeous I think your children are.


(I still can't remember my stupid login!!)

Edward the Bonobo said...

You can remain anonymous, then. Your secret is safe with me. Your Wordpress thingy is a lot more user-friendly than Blogger, no? Still, too late now.

I might turn the passwords off - only I got spam before. Was it a password I set myself? In that case I'll e-mail it to you.

Anonymous said...

You now, Blogger looked pretty user-friendly, too, and seems to have a lot of nifty features, but I forgot my login well before I tried anything. And I'm pretty sure I set a password up myself at some point. I'd set my computer to "remember" the password... then bought a new computer. Doh!

I do like Wordpress better than LiveJournal, if for no other reason than it looks neater.


azahar said...

It's never too late! You can not only start a Wordpress blog but you can also import
all your Blogspot posts and comments.

I don't find Blogspot user friendly at all (I have a page here somewhere). Also, I can subscribe to your new posts here using RSS but can't subscribe to new comments (you can do both with Wordpress users). And when you leave a comment on Blogspot it takes ages to show up. And,and,and...

Why not just try out a Wordpress blog, play around with the features a bit and then, if you like it, simply transfer your stuff over.

And no, I don't get a commission. ;)